Friday, October 28, 2016

Iran Sentences And Jails More U.S.-Iranian Citizens

FOX News: The ransom effect? Iran handing down harsh sentences for Iranian-Americans after swap

Republican lawmakers say the Obama administration's controversial “ransom” paid to Iran earlier this year is fueling a new wave of harsh sentences being handed down in the country to Iranian-Americans.

“President Obama’s cash ransom payment to Iran makes Americans more vulnerable and encourages unjustified prison sentences and blatant kidnapping like this,” Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio told on Wednesday.

“Senior Justice Department officials warned the White House that Iran would view the pallets of cash as ransom, but the president didn’t listen, and now Iran is taking more hostages and demanding more money.”

Rubio made the comment after Robin Shahini, who had been living in San Diego, was reportedly sentenced Monday to 18 years for "collaboration with a hostile government."

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Update: U.S. says troubled by reports of another U.S. citizen jailed by Iran (Reuters)

WNU Editor: Yup .... Iran Takes More Hostages: What Did the US Expect? (Majid Rafizadeh, Gatestone Institute).


Anonymous said...

Fox link is broken, but did it say anything about money? I see no reference to money, other than the Fox anchor claiming that such is the purpose of the imprisonment.

fazman said...

Great job obama

Anonymous said...

Funny American wanna get luck for no good reason go to Iran for cup of tea ,but don't cry out help when you wake behind bar silly American