Saturday, October 1, 2016

Iran Unveils Its New Attack Drone (Based On A Captured U.S. Drone)

A scale model of the US RQ-170 unmanned spy plane is displayed during a ceremony to mark the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, in Tehran's Azadi square February 11, 2012. © Raheb Homavandi / Reuters

The Guardian: Iran builds attack drone similar to captured US model, local media say

‘Thunderbolt’ drone said to be comparable to RQ-170 Sentinel spy drone, which Iran claimed to have shot down in 2011

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have built a new attack drone which is similar to a US unmanned aerial vehicle that was captured five years ago, Iranian media reported on Saturday.

Iran claims to have reverse-engineered US spy drone

The semi-official Tasnim news agency said the “Saegheh” (“Thunderbolt”) drone was similar to the RQ-170 Sentinel spy drone. The country’s state-run Press TV said the long-range drone could carry four precision-guided bombs. Neither report gave figures for the drone’s range.

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WNU Editor: Iran is also claiming that they have recently captured a US MQ-1C drone .... Iran releases photos of recently captured US drone (PHOTO) (Trend News Agency).

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Jac said...

Reverse engineering of a so complex stuff in a so short time is just laughable.

B.Poster said...

Nothing "laughable" about it. I'm sure the Iranians had help from the Russians, Chinese, and very likely a number of others. Even without this help they are well capable of doing this on their own. Working with the US drone and combining it with their own knowledge and that of allies there's a good chance that this new drone is superior to anything the Americans can produce.

Caecus said...

Another cardboard vehicle from Iran, after the Hezbollah tank and the stealth fighter.

fazman said...

5 years is not an unreasonable time frame to reverse engineer a drone. , considering the foreign help they would have enlisted.
They did manage to take control of and force land it.

D.Plowman said...

Looks like a low-budget movie prop.

Jac said...

Well, curiously, the high tech foreign help didn't do this easy copy...
I don't know what is in this drone, but what I know is an aeronautic there is more and more components which are made through "process's". When you have theses components in your hands you know exactly where you have to go but the process is not written on it, and sometime that's very tricky.

Fuckisis said...

B.poster once again I want to punch you in the face every time I read your post.

B.Poster said...

I'm pretty sure Iranian agents and the agents of allies of Iran within the US government and the companies who make these drones and all of the components gave to the Iranians all of how to manuals on these things as well as their components long, long ago. As such, combined with the instructions for each part, agents who understand each part, and the actual copy of the thing, in this case the drone, that one is trying to reverse engineer I don't think it would be particularly hard for them to reverse engineer this.

B.Poster said...


When someone tries to point out things, it is very important not to "shoot the messenger." You would do well to read the articles WNU posts, his analysis, and the comments. You might learn something.

As I have said here many, many times, we cannot "know" the outcome of any military conflict until it is actually fought. I think you want to punch me in the face because you know I am right or at least that I could be and this makes you uncomfortable. In any event, ignoring reality and attacking those who present is not going to be helpful to anyone.


I think 5 years would be a reasonable amount of time. On fact, that would probably be on the upper end of how long this would take. Again, combined with the foreign help, copies of all manuals pertaining to the drones, detailed descriptions of al components as well manuals on how to construct them, agents who are experts on all aspects of the drones, and the expertise of the Iranians themselves 5 years would be a more than reasonable expectation of the time frame the Iranians would need.

Jac said...


You can be right and I respect your say and I will fight to death for letting you telling it. That said, "processed products" are not about the product itself, that's about the plant which has to do it and with the right methodology. That's very challenging. You are right to say they will do it some day, but that's a hard way which take a lot of resources. Also, in America, we have a lot of "specialist" and we think that's the same thing advice: travel a little bit and you will have a hint.

fazman said...

I agree with you on the time frame

fazman said...

I agree with you on the time frame

Anonymous said...

B poster you are the greatest moron on here.. can you please just go away and keep your propaganda (Russia Iran China are the best) to yourself? Thanks & byyye

B.Poster said...


You could leave. If you don't like detailed analysis, perhaps you should leave and stick with your simplistic thinking.

B.Poster said...


Thanks for the respectful reply to my post. Very respectfully part of what the Iranians likely have/had are detailed specs of all plants involved along with experts to expplain and demonstrate all processes involved along with proper plant construction, management, and maintenance. As such, I think they should be able to construct a drone comparable to what America has very quickly. Additionally they have their own experts and they get to skip the r & d phase.

Jay Farquharson said...

Jac said...

B. Poster,

Okay, I don't want to challenge something I don't know.
Well, now we just have to wait and see the first flight of their own brand.

Fuckisis said...

b poster
Your pro Russia and China..... you don't know anything, Once trump is in we will be able to smack Russia and China around even faster then we already can! Don't underestimate the power of the USA and capitalism.

B.Poster said...


I'm not "pro-Russian" or "pro-Chinese." You clesrly haven't read my posts in their entire context. I'm trying very hard to be respectful to you. Plesse read the posts in tbeir entirety before commenting.

"Once Trump is in...." while I agree he will probably be the next POTUS, you don't seem to understand hoim or how the world works. You do not "smack" around a nuclear armed super power nor do you "smack" around a country you are heavily dependent on for manufactured goods. To say such is unwise is an understatement. I could use a more forceful metaphor here but I'm trying to be respectful.

The trade agreements with China need to be renegotiated. Russia is currently the country doing the most to actually fight ISIS and we could really use their help in dealing with Iran. Attempting to smack them around would be very unhelpful.

Furthermore, if Trump is POTUS, he has chosen advisors who have relations with top Russian officials. This should help in negotiations with them. There would likely be much less needless US military action especially if NATO is renegotiated.

I would suggest 1.)lifting US sanctions against Russia, 2.)recognize Crimea as Russian, and 3.)not support western Ukraine. Such policy changes have huge upside potential combined with no downside. Suggesting this doesn't make me "pro-Russian." It makes me "pro-American" as such policies advance American interests.

When you suggest you want to "smack" someone around, very respectfully this indicates unseriousness. This is NOT a playground. This is NOT a game. War is NOT for unseriousness people. There are times and places for it, however, it should only be engaged in except for the survival of the nation and to advance American national interests. Ideologues and unserious people should not engage in serious matters such as war or the discussion ofbit.

Very respectfully before replying please make some effort to read the posts in their entirety. You could be angry at me because you susoect I may be right. Shooting the messenger is generally not helpful.

Jay Farquharson said...

Best election ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!