Monday, October 10, 2016

Is The Kremlin Waging An All-Out Propaganda War Against The West?


Helle Dale, Daily Signal: Russia’s Information Warfare Continues

Speculation about Russian interference in the upcoming U.S. presidential election is flowing fast in the U.S. media.

Russia was widely believed to be responsible for embarrassing email hacks at the Democratic National Convention. Speculation abounds in the media that the Russian government might try to throw the U.S. election this way or that with a boldness not even seen during Soviet days.

Speculation is all we have for now, yet, the Russian propagandists may feel they have accomplished quite enough. Sowing confusion in the West and presenting Russia as an innocent victim of U.S. political infighting are key elements in Russia’s information warfare.

On the international front, Russia is no less active. Having honed disinformation skills in the conflict with Ukraine, Russian media are now focused on Syria.

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WNU Editor: All sides are waging an information war right now .... but if the Russians were involved in the Democrat hack that exposed how Bernie Sanders's supporters were to be marginalised .... I say give us more because our media is certainly not doing its job in this election cycle. As for the international issues like Ukraine and Syria .... yup .... there is a propaganda war (and from both sides) .... and we should all be careful and thoughtful when reading and watching our news.

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Aizino Smith said...

The Democrat Party is in a Propaganda war against the American people

The Republicans are in a propaganda war with its base, when they bother at all. The Washington Generals are lazy.

The Media is in bed with the Democrats.

If the Russians uncover any emails, it is more truth than we had before.

At worst the Russians hacks are selective. No one to date has accused them of tasking the truth and adding falsehood or making stuff up from whole cloth.