Monday, October 31, 2016

Is Turkish President Erdogan Dreaming Of Restoring The Ottoman Empire

Nick Danforth, Foreign Policy: Turkey’s New Maps Are Reclaiming the Ottoman Empire

Erdogan’s aggressive nationalism is now spilling over Turkey’s borders, grabbing land in Greece and Iraq.

In the past few weeks, a conflict between Ankara and Baghdad over Turkey’s role in the liberation of Mosul has precipitated an alarming burst of Turkish irredentism. On two separate occasions, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized the Treaty of Lausanne, which created the borders of modern Turkey, for leaving the country too small. He spoke of the country’s interest in the fate of Turkish minorities living beyond these borders, as well as its historic claims to the Iraqi city of Mosul, near which Turkey has a small military base. And, alongside news of Turkish jets bombing Kurdish forces in Syria and engaging in mock dogfights with Greek planes over the Aegean Sea, Turkey’s pro-government media have shown a newfound interest in a series of imprecise, even crudely drawn, maps of Turkey with new and improved borders.

Turkey won’t be annexing part of Iraq anytime soon, but this combination of irredentist cartography and rhetoric nonetheless offers some insight into Turkey’s current foreign and domestic policies and Ankara’s self-image. The maps, in particular, reveal the continued relevance of Turkish nationalism, a long-standing element of the country’s statecraft, now reinvigorated with some revised history and an added dose of religion. But if the past is any indication, the military interventions and confrontational rhetoric this nationalism inspires may worsen Turkey’s security and regional standing.

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WNU Editor: President Erdogan can dream all he wants .... but the people who live in the borders that he dreams of changing have a different idea on who they want to be ruled by.


D.Plowman said...

Laughable. Yeah. Right.

Pattern emerging here; Putin wants to reforge the Soviet Union, according to some western media pundits. And now Erdogan, and the Ottoman Empire?

Both concepts are laughable.

Anonymous said...

Laughable, yes. Achievable, no. But, it's been tried before by folks wanting to bring in volk under one umbrella. So the attempt isn't all that improbable.