Saturday, October 15, 2016

Is The U.S. Headed For Yet Another Undeclared War In Yemen?

David Axe & Nancy Youssef, Daily Beast: Pentagon Hopes It Didn’t Just Start Another War

American troops are already fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Now U.S. ships are attacking targets in Yemen. Does that mean we’re headed for yet another undeclared war?

The U.S. Navy blasted three radar installations in Houthi-held territory in southern Yemen, the first direct American intervention in the ongoing conflict there. The U.S. military is hoping that doesn’t lead to yet another war for American forces.

But hope, as the old military saw goes, is not a plan.

So far, Pentagon officials are keen to not be drawn into a broader conflict. Rather they called Wednesday’s strike a self-defense measure. But at the same time, defense officials said they were prepared to strike again, should the Houthis threaten American—or even commercial—ships in the region’s waters.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. has been involved in Yemen for a very long time .... fist going after Al Qaeda cells in the country, and now supporting the Saudi-led military campaign in the country by providing logistical support, supplying weapons and intelligence, and keeping ships in the region to interdict weapon supplies and to support Saudi efforts to maintain a naval "quarantine".

Update: U.S. Walks High-Wire Military Balancing Act In Yemen (NPR).

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