Thursday, October 27, 2016

NATO Increases Its Presence In Eastern Europe

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The UK is sending 800 troops to Estonia as part of a Nato reaction to Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, with both sides increasing their military capability in eastern Europe in the biggest military build-up since the Cold War

Daily Mail: Nato squares up to Putin: As Russia beefs up its military might on Europe's border, West responds with biggest show of force since the Cold War

* Armoured force including 800 UK troops will be sent to Estonia for six month deployment next May
* They will then be relieved by soldiers from another Nato nation to keep up a continuous presence
* It comes as Vladimir Putin has launched nuclear defence drills in Russia and is building more ships
* Russia has also unveiled pictures of its largest ever nuclear missile that could 'destroy France-sized area'

Russia's military escalation on Europe's border has triggered the West's biggest show of force in the region since the Cold War as Nato continues to square up to Vladimir Putin.

Britain is to deploy troops, tanks and jets to Estonia to deter Russian aggression while UK and Romanian forces will also join a US battalion in Poland.

As part of the biggest military build-up in Eastern Europe since the Cold War, RAF planes are also being dispatched to patrol Romanian airspace for the first time.

The moves are designed to stop Moscow taking over or undermining its former Eastern European satellites as it has with Crimea and Ukraine.

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