Monday, October 10, 2016

Pentagon Study: Japan Can Quickly Build-Up A Nuclear Arsenal But Will Lose In A Nuclear Exchange With China

A Chinese marine surveillance ship Haijian (center) cruises next to Japanese coast guard ships in the East China Sea, near islands known as the Senkakus in Japan and the Diaoyus in China. Radio Free Europe

Washington Free Beacon: Pentagon Studied Future Japan Nuclear Arsenal and War With China

Net Assessment think tank under scrutiny for obscure research

Japan can quickly build a strategic arsenal of land-based and submarine-launched missiles capable of killing up to 30 million Chinese in a nuclear war, according to a Pentagon sponsored study.

A report produced for the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment reveals Japan’s government could arm itself with nuclear weapons within a 10-year period, based on Tokyo’s advanced nuclear power infrastructure and its present day space launchers, cruise missiles, and submarines.

Casualty estimates in the report outlining a Chinese nuclear attack on Japan indicate Tokyo would be no match in a future nuclear exchange. Japan would suffer up to 34 million deaths—27 percent of the island nation’s population—from Chinese nuclear missile strikes.

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WNU Editor: Talk about good money being spent on stating the obvious.


Jay Farquharson said...

It's so cute that The Pentagon still thinks that nuclear war can be "won".

B.Poster said...

Japan would "lose" the war but casualties would be heavy on both sides. The Chinese "victory" would be so pyric that I can see how it could be said that no one "won."

I think there is no question that Japan would use its nuclear arsenal in a war with China. If the United States were to use its arsenal in a fight defending China, this would result in an in kind retaliation from China and probably Russia against the US mainland. As such, it is unlikely the US is going to be defending Japan in such a military confrontation.

Even if nuclear weapons weren't used on either side, the death toll to Americans in such a war would be in the 10s of millions and the war would likely be lost anyway. Again, the US is not going to be defending Japan in such an attack.

At this point, the US military is so worn down that even basic defense of the US mainland would be problematic at best much less be expected to defend Japan or anyone else. Also, the US is heavily dependent upon "made in China."

China understands all of these things and knows the US will not nor can it realistically defend Japan or anyone else in the region right now. As such, China can now act with impunity in any way it wants right now. A nuclear armed Japan would have the potential to change this.

Japan no doubt knows all of this as well. As such, they are probably already working on the nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver it and will announce once it is ready. Expect the combination of incompetent nit wits, political hacks, and dunces that comprise US "Intelligence" to be completely caught by surprise.

The US could assist Japan in developing their arsenal and the means to deliver it. Since its going to happen anyway, the US might as well assist if needed or at least offer to. This would allow us to redeploy our military personnel and should strengthen relations between us and Japan.

Of course China knowing this going to happen may decide to attack preemptively. Since the attack would seem essentially unprovoked, their could be significant international ramifications for China in such a fight and their Russian ally may not be able to fully protect them.

It is quite correct that this "study" is a waste of good money to state the obvious. With few exceptions pretty much all of these people probably need to be purged.

Jac said...

Well, I would be very cautious with this subject. Of course Jay and B. Poster are both right because that's "technical" analysis, and good one's.
The problem, for me, is any decision about the use of nuclear is a human one, and there is no data for helping a little bit. Just check history... and humans are still the same.

TWN said...

The So Called Leadership are Morons, winning a Nuclear War really?