Monday, October 24, 2016

That Is A Lot of Smoke Coming From Russia's Aircraft Carrier

Defense Tech: Russian Aircraft Carrier Smokes Through English Channel

The Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov transited the English Channel on Friday en route to Syria.

Likely envisioned as the latest display of Russian power projection, the move appears to have backfired.

Photos and videos captured by international media showed the vessel billowing large plumes of black smoke, drawing jokes on social media that the steam-powered ship was actually a 19th century relic fueled by coal.

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WNU Editor: That is a lot of smoke.


Anonymous said...

That's quite a tail wind...would hate to have to turn up into it to launch some planes.

Jac said...

The English Channel is very narrow. This means the Russian boat are going through international zone and the English and French Economic Zone, and that's their right. If any boat do the same thing with China, Chinese would be infuriated. Double Standard.

Anonymous said...

lol Russia is so OP

fazman said...

Smoke or no smoke, shes armed to the teeth and could drop anchor off syria and cause havoc.

Anonymous said...

As BPOster is not commenting right now (or does not want to), I will help:

So first of all, Russia is the strongest country on Earth, fuck, in the Milky Way -- perhaps even the known, as well as unknown universe!

Second, that's not smoke - that's a 8th generation airplane cloaking system being tested.. Russia is so advanced they decided to skip 6th and 7th generation plane stuff and went right to 8th generation.. now beat that, USA!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that thing is running on straight crude oil. A lot of used motor oil can also be used as fuel for the big ships.

fazman said...

I heard they reverse engineered a klingon cloaking device, hence the smoke.

ttb said...

Reasons for smoking: Based on fact that ship has steam turbine propulsion plants and Boilers to provided steam at high pressure and Temperature
Propulsion plant consist of two main engine propulsion turbines and at least two High Pressure Boilers most likely Four located in separate firerooms: output pressure most likely 850 to 1100 psig temp 1000 to 1200 F
Cause of smoke lack of combustion air typical causes not enough combustion forced draft fan not working at spec or casualties
Combustion controls not working , not likely manual controls can override bad setting
Bad Burners or furnace slag, if really excessive will cause incorrect combustion
Fuel Oil problems , not up to Burn Temperature, contaminated, wrong burn pressure, and buying below spec oil used to happen in go old days of Bunker "C". Also fuel treatment plant may be down
Running high pressure and superheated steam boilers is not for the faint of heart,

Anonymous said...

Thanks ttb.. I read it with a thick, sort of Russian accent in mind :)