Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Boundary Dispute Between South Korea And China Is Getting Deadly

(South Korean Coastguard)

New York Times: South Korea Investigates Deaths of 3 Chinese Fishermen in Crackdown

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean Coast Guard officials said Friday that they were investigating the deaths of three Chinese fishermen whose boat caught fire during a crackdown on illegal fishing.

The unlicensed fishing boat with 17 crew members on board was stopped on suspicion of poaching in waters off South Korea’s southwestern coast on Thursday, a statement from the coast guard said.

When the crew members locked themselves in a steering cabin to resist an attempt to search the vessel and question them, coast guard officers threw flashbang grenades into the cabin, the statement said. The grenades are nonlethal but produce a blinding flash of light and loud sound.

The boat soon caught fire. Although the officers rescued 14 fishermen, they later found the other three dead, apparently from inhaling toxic fumes from the fire. The coast guard said autopsies were planned to determine the causes of their deaths. It was also investigating what had caused the fire.

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WNU Editor: There is going to be blowback from this.

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Jac said...

I am not really sure. Dictators are strong from our weakness, but as soon they feel resistance they back down.

Stephen Davenport said...

What they going to do? Bristle, stomp around, scream bloody murder but in the end there is nothing they can do. They are a Chihuahua that barks a lot because they know there will be no shooting involved.