Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Hungarian Revolution Happened 60 Years Ago

Protesters on a tank in front of the Hungarian parliament building. What started as a student demonstration in the capital quickly swelled into a mass uprising against Hungary’s communist regime. The Hungarian communists and their network of secret police were particularly brutal, even by Soviet standards. Photo 1956: TASS

RFE: Budapest: 60 Years After The Uprising

For a few heady days in the autumn of 1956, Hungarians rose up and retook the streets from their Soviet hegemon. Soviet troops eventually reentered Budapest and crushed the uprising. But despite their eventual defeat, the Hungarian rebels of 1956 inflicted what would come to be known as "the first tear" in the Iron Curtain. Today, the exact locations of many of the most iconic photographs of the uprising can be determined, revealing that while politics have changed, the historic streets of Budapest remain remarkably similar.

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WNU Editor: Their revolution was ill timed. So soon after the Second World War .... the Soviets would never let Hungary go its own way.

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