Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Secrets of Putin's Inner Circle Are Being Revealed Via Through An Email Hack

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Bloomberg: Private Jets for Corgis and Other Secrets of Putin's Inner Circle

* Navalny reveals army contracts for Putin’s cook, jets for dogs
* Insiders are ‘starting to devour one another,’ Navalny says

Vladimir Putin is learning that embarrassing leaks are a two-way street.

Infighting among Putin’s inner circle has led to a series of disclosures over the past few months that have shined a harsh light on the private dealings of the Kremlin court -- much as Hillary Clinton has endured the airing of thousands of e-mails as a result of what the U.S. calls Russian hacking of her campaign.

As the Kremlin gears up for Putin’s last re-election bid in 18 months, anti-graft crusader Alexei Navalny has emerged as the conduit of choice for rival factions to scoop dirt on each other as they jostle to retain their fiefdoms. While Putin has largely stayed above the fray, anonymous tips and research by Navalny’s staff of 30 have led to a string of revelations about the extravagance of some of the Russian leader’s closest allies, including a new luxury home for his premier, army contracts for his personal chef and private-jet travel for the show dogs of a top official.

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WNU Editor: More on the inner workings of Moscow's elite can be read here .... SurkovLeaks: Is Vladimir Putin aide's email hack payback for DNCLeak-Clinton exposure? (Chris Zappone, Sydney Morning Herald). What's my take on all of these disclosures .... like the Hillary Clinton case, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

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