Sunday, October 16, 2016

The U.S. Marines Need To Modernize

National Defense: Marine Corps Needs New Vehicle Armor, Ammunition

The Marine Corps is looking for a slew of new technologies that will better equip the infantry of the future with better, more capable devices and weapons.

The service — which recently rolled out a new operating concept that discussed how the Marines will fight in 2025 and beyond — is looking for a variety of systems, Brig. Gen. Joseph Shrader, commander of Marine Corps Systems Command said Oct. 12.

High on the list are active protection systems, he said during the National Defense Industrial Association’s annual Expeditionary Warfare Conference. NDIA is the publisher of National Defense. Active protection systems intercept incoming projectiles before they can hit a platform. The Marine Corps must use such technology to get better at detecting and destroying direct and indirect fires on its vehicles, he said.

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WNU Editor: Apparently everything is now under review ... including the old ammo cans that have been been used to transport and store ammunition since the Second World War .... Marines Could Ditch Ammo Cans in Push to Get Lighter (Kit Up!)

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