Wednesday, October 5, 2016

U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Operations: 'The U.S. Can Fight Within Russia And China's Missile Defense Zones'

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China’s anti-access area denial defensive layers. Office of Naval Intelligence Image

Business Insider: Chief of Naval Operations: We 'can fight' within Russia and China's missile defense zones

Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson has a problem with the acronym A2/AD (anti-access, area denial).

Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Richardson declared that Naval communications would no longer employ the acronym which has come to be "bandied about pretty freely" and mean "all things to all people."

“To ensure clarity in our thinking and precision … We’ll no longer use the term A2/AD as a stand-alone acronym ... we have to be better than that,” said Richardson.

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WNU Editor: I am sure that the U.S. Navy can fight within Russia and China's missile defense zones, but I will not be surprised that in the event of such a conflict, many ships will be either sunk and/or disabled .... including aircraft carriers.

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