Thursday, October 13, 2016

U.S. Navy Secretary On The Navy's Newest Aircraft Carrier: 'Textbook Example Of How Not To Build A Ship'

© Photo: Wikipedia/U.S. Navy

Breaking Defense: Ford Carrier Problems Worse Than LCS: Navy Secretary Mabus

NATIONAL PRESS CLUB: The $13 billion supercarrier USS Ford and the $500 million Littoral Combat Ship are both suffering engine trouble. But Navy Secretary Ray Mabus took pains today to defend LCS even as he derided Ford as “a textbook example of how not to build a ship.”

Mabus’ determination to draw a distinction says a lot about his preferences and priorities, especially since much of his critique of Ford would apply equally well to LCS. Both programs originated in the era of Donald Rumsfeld’s “transformation,” after then-candidate George H.W. Bush had promised to skip a generation of technology.

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Update: USS Ford Problems Even Worse Than Those of Littoral Combat Ships -- Sputnik

WNU Editor: This sounds ominous .... Navy secretary: Ford carrier will be delivered 'as soon as it's ready' (Daily Press).


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They'll get the bugs worked out

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Hampton Roads did not all the sudden get stupid.