Friday, October 14, 2016

What Happened To Britain's Royal Navy? (Podcast)

Reuters: Podcast: What the heck happened to Britain's Royal Navy?

To say that Britain's Royal Navy is legendary is probably to undersell it. There have been thousands of books - fiction and non-fiction - written about its successes during the Napoleonic wars. Admiral Horatio Nelson is famed around the world. One of London's central squares is named for his victory against the combined French and Spanish fleets in 1805. Making the story that much richer, Nelson died of a bullet wound as it became clear that his daring plan had succeeded.

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WNU Editor: the answer to the question on what happened to Britain's Royal Navy is easy to explain. The British people .... by the people that they voted into office .... made a decision a long time ago that Britannia was to no longer rule the waves ... and that is where we are today.

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TWN said...

War Debts, Social Programs post WW2, coupled with De-Industrialization since the Globalist/ UN Corporate Redistribution Wealth Slave Labour Agenda, started in the 1980's. Britain is the forerunner for the United States in 50 years if the world doesn't fire the Nukes, which I think they will.