Friday, October 14, 2016

Why Is Turkey So Determined To Participate In The Mosul Offensive

Reuters: Turkey determined to play role in planned Mosul offensive: Erdogan

Turkey is determined to take part in a planned operation by coalition forces to oust Islamic State from the Iraqi city of Mosul and will implement a "plan B" if it is not involved, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.

In a speech in the city of Konya, Erdogan said Turkey would make its desire to take part in the operation known to its international partners in the coming days. He did not offer details on what an alternative strategy would entail.

Ankara has been locked in a fierce row with Baghdad over who should take part in the U.S.-backed assault on Mosul, which is expected to begin this month.

Turkey fears the use of Shi'ite militias, which the Iraqi army has relied on in the past, will stoke sectarian unrest and trigger an exodus of refugees.

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Jac said...

I would like to know what Erdogan is smoking....

Blackdog said...

I would like to know what is Plan B is.

jimbrown said...

Mosul is regional capital of the new and improved ottoman empire.

jimbrown said...

Mosul is regional capital of the new and improved ottoman empire.

B.Poster said...


I entirely agree. Just what is Erdogan been smoking? He staged a coup to p!ss off the Americans and humiliate them. The Iraqis and their Iranian masters are not nearly as stupid or as ideological blind as America's leaders are. There's little he can do to help and his country's involvement has huge downdides.

As such, the Iraqis and their Iranian masters will tell him and his country BE GONE!! Perhaps he's hoping to get bought off. He has NOTHING to offer and he can't hurt Iraq or it's Iranian colonial master. Erdogan and Turkey remind me of the little dog that barks inceasently, is extremely irritating but can't inflict physical pain on anyone.

The notion that this is American "backed" is way to cute. While America may "back" the operation as in support it perhaps even cheering for it from the sidelines. Pethaps the Iranians might even let the Ameticans bring pom poms and cheer from the sidelines.

The Iranians are not about to allow smerican participation in any way that could actually affect the outcome. Should things go well the Iranians take all the credit allowing token credit for their Iraqi servants.

Should it go badly the Americans take the blame. Nevermind the fact that the Americans wouldn't have infuenced the outcome nor would they have been allowed to do so.

If an operation against Mosul is launched soon, it's almost certain to fail and, if launched before election day, the failure will be inherent right away.

How does this affect the election? Nobody not even team Trump seems to be asking. Clearing Mosul would take a minimum of three years even with full US involvement which won't be allowed. The good news is Mosul will eventually be cleared of ISIS.

It's estimated that Russian and Syrian forces will be able clear Allepo by December. American forces are nowhere near the level of Russian forces in terms of fighting ability.

Again no one seems to be asking how an assault against ISIS on Mosul is going to affect the US elections. If done before the elections, this is not going to be good for team Obama as this will be a VERY difficult fight. Many will die and it will take a VERY LONG time to oust ISIS.

He and his team have no control. The timing will be decided by Iran, the colonial master.

I would think such an assault would be a buge gift to team Trump. Team Clinton as a surrogate of team Obama would bear much of the blame. Never mind the fact tbat WW2 started in 1939. The Americans did not enter until 1941. It still took until 1945 to vanquish Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. ISIS is far tougher than both of tnose enemies combined. As such, beating them will reqire a long and committed effort.

The Americans will have no influence on when the assault starts. They will take whatever role the Iranians allow. Of course when it goes badly, in the sense ISIS is not defeated quickly and perhaps numerous American warriors die for dear old ziran, this will reflect badly on team Obama and by extension team Clinton.

In other words such an action would be in effect handing the election to team Trump on a gold platter. I've been told repeatedly the Russians want a Trump presidency.

If so, perhaps this is the plan. The Russians have substantial influence over Iran. Get them to launch the attack on ISIS now. In other words assure the victory of team Trump.

Kevin Greenhalgh said...
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Kevin Greenhalgh said...
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Anonymous said...

B.Poster, your analysis is absolutely reliable about not being unreliable. Russia is a regional second-rate power, that happens to have nuclear weapons. Again, and everyone knows it, even the Russian military, the United States has the most powerful military force on the Earth, ever. Not even close. As far as taking three years for the United States to take the Mosul from essentially a militia, have you ever heard of Fallujah? Russia has significant problems with a third-rate Ukrainian military, they need to stay in the shallow end.