Friday, October 28, 2016

Will The Countries Of Central Asia Go To War Over Water?


Rustam Qobil, BBC: Will Central Asia fight over water?

In Central Asia, a crisis is brewing over water and electricity. The Soviet-era system in which the five countries of the region shared their resources has broken down, leaving some facing water shortages and others chronic power cuts. Instances of small-scale unrest have already occurred, but some warn this could be just the beginning.

On a freezing night in January 2009 a catastrophic power cut plunged swathes of the Tajik capital Dushanbe into darkness.

At one of the city's maternity hospitals back-up generators failed and vital breathing equipment shut down, leaving doctors battling to keep two newborn baby girls alive.

Saymuddin Dustov, father of one of the girls, Pariso, frantically rang around friends to find an alternative power source.

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WNU Editor: Throughout history countries have always fought over water. This is nothing new.


Aizino Smith said...

I know JOs & Field grade that moved to the Great Lakes region because of water.

Aizino Smith said...

You can solve a lot of problems with engineering, which takes money and peace.

But these are Muslim countries.