Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Will Democrats Enthusiastically Go To The Polls To Vote For Hillary Clinton?

U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at a voter registration rally at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. October 10, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Reuters: A new worry for Clinton: Trump's struggles may depress Democratic voter turnout

Hillary Clinton's campaign is confronting an emerging risk to her presidential ambitions - if Donald Trump continues to trail her in opinion polls many Democrats may simply stay at home on Election Day.

Without enough popular support, Clinton would enter the White House lacking the political capital she would need to drive through her agenda. In the worst-case scenario it could cost her the presidency if Republicans turn out in big numbers on Nov. 8.

Clinton, the Democratic nominee, has spent much of her campaign sounding the alarm over the prospect of a President Trump. She has struggled to lay out a compelling vision for her presidency and has failed to excite key constituencies, including millennials, minority voters and liberal Democrats.

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WNU Editor: I expect Democrats will go to the polls in the same manner that main stream Republicans will go to the polls .... hold their nose and vote for their party's nominee. But in regards to enthusiasm .... I just do not see it in the Democrat party with the exception of the feminists, dyed in the wool liberals, and a few special interest groups. I definitely do not see in the black community, a lot of Hispanics are not tuned in with Hillary Clinton (even on the issue of immigration), and the base that enthusiastically supported President Obama for two elections are quiet in this election cycle. Other things that I have noticed .... her book with her VP running mate bombed in the book stores, her crowds are small (but admittedly last nights was big), and the buzz among my Democrat friends has been absent that even my brother .... someone who is as Democrat and as liberal as you can get .... just does not want to talk about her. Does this mean that she will lose .... no. But it does mean that is she does not get the base that elected President Obama energised .... she may end up losing simply because the Democrat base decided to stay home.


C-Low said...

I think the polls are all crap trying to form opinion rather than really gauge. Very simply they are using the turnout percentages from 2012 dem/repub/ind to pull numbers off. O pulled energized youth to actually come out and minorities who had not voted at all ever or were not normally to turn out in numbers unheard. Hillary will get the standard dem hardcore that vote regular but the rest is just not going to show up.

Trump will lose some of the repub regulars that the establishment will peal off but those numbers are pale compared to the numbers that will come in that have been energized by the possibility or someone really doing something not a politician common sense I expect in more than enough to offset the shallow establishment consultant classes. Every repub primary had record turnout much of it either new or long delusioned no shows.

I would say worst case scenario for Trump will be the 2004 turnout percentages with him carrying more ind. It would be a landslide if the establishment had backed him full all the way but I didn't expect them to there whole world view will be upside down if Trump succeeds and they will all be laid to bare for what they are which they have been forced to do now.

They over the top hyperventilation constant attack theme driving from the media, dems, repubs establishment all the consultants smells of desperation.

Most common working men living in the real world not the university blessed life bubble have heard worse talk maybe even participated in some and they usually all are fine productive citizens even good family men once tied down. Regardless its more shit talk that anything else.

Jay Farquharson said...


Keep in mind the Media is still trying to sell this as a horserace and is desperately engaged in bothsiderism.

Early voting has the Dem's up 50% in participation so far, over 2012, Rep's down 15%.

Meanwhile the RNC is imploding.

fred lapides said...

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