Thursday, October 27, 2016

World News Briefs -- October 27, 2016

Washington Post: Islamic State militants are kidnapping thousands of people to use as human shields

TULUL AL-NASIR, Iraq — Islamic State militants have rounded up thousands of villagers at gunpoint to use as human shields as they retreat toward their stronghold of Mosul, according to Iraqi military officers and people who escaped, the latest brutal war tactic to bring suffering to the civilian population in areas they control.

Some villagers said they ran and hid in the desert to avoid being taken. Others were forced to walk toward Mosul and away from the advancing Iraqi forces, but later managed to flee. Those who refused were shot, they said.

Military officials said they did not know exactly how many people were forced to leave, but residents of at least seven villages south of Mosul were moved deeper into Islamic State territory.

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Iraqi army aims to reach site of Islamic State executions south of Mosul. Iraq special forces find IS bomb factory, tunnels near Mosul.

Some 60 Iraqi soldiers killed in Mosul offensive, 250 wounded - CENTCOM.

Mosul battle: IS 'loses hundreds of fighters' - US generals.

Iraq: Thousands displaced as battle for Mosul rages on.

Idlib school attack could be deadliest since Syrian war began, says UN.

Syrian army says it takes town near Hama.

Erdogan urges against Kurdish inclusion in Raqqa offensive.

EU hits more Syrian military, Assad officials with sanctions.

U.N. peace plan for Yemen seems to sideline exiled president.


Japan, US, S.Korea Deputy FMs to discuss N.Korea nuclear issue Thursday.

US reassures Asian allies it is still seeking North Korean nuclear disarmament despite 'lost cause' claims.

Support for South Korea's Park slides to all-time low amid crisis over friend.

China says latest South China Sea drill was normal search and rescue exercise.

China's Communist Party elevates President Xi Jinping to 'core' status. China's Xi anointed 'core' leader, on par with Mao, Deng.

India to expel Pakistani Mehmood Akhtar for 'espionage'.

Duterte says Philippines could join sea exercises with Japan, again vents anger at U.S..


Libya's navy says 90 migrants perished after boat fell apart. Dozens missing after migrant boat sinks in Mediterranean, says Libyan navy.

Compensation for IRA victims wasn't set aside in Libya talks, says Straw.

Nigerian militants claim to have bombed Chevron export pipeline.

DR Congo arrests Rwandan FDLR rebel commander.

Madagascar: 1.5m face hunger because of drought, UN says.

In post-Ebola Sierra Leone, more than half the population face food shortages: U.N..

Man shot dead after stabbing guard at US Embassy in Kenya.


Belgian politicians drop opposition to EU-Canada trade deal. EU-Canada trade deal: Belgians break Ceta deadlock.

Putin: Russia is not going to attack anyone. Putin is sure Russia and Ukraine will find way to end crisis.

Russia Syria: Battle group 'refuels off North Africa'.

NATO seeks to manage Russia's new military deployments.

Britain, U.S. sending planes, troops to deter Russia in the east.

French authorities declare the Calais migrant camp empty.

Turkey calls for end to NATO's migrant mission in Aegean.

Angela Merkel: internet search engines are 'distorting perception'.

UK economy grows 0.5% in three months after Brexit vote.

Socialists to fight Rajoy's policies in new Spanish government.


Dakota Access Pipeline: Authorities, protesters brace for showdown.

Venezuela anti-Maduro protests: Policeman shot dead. Venezuela protests against Maduro escalate, dozens injured.

Venezuela parliament seeks to push ahead with Maduro trial.

US abstains from UN vote against Cuba embargo.

Haiti faces cholera spike amid woeful international response to Hurricane Matthew aftermath, UN warns.

Chilean president signals fresh cabinet reshuffle in November.

Americans more scared of clowns than climate change, poll shows.


US military kills 5 AQAP fighters in central Yemen.

US targets top two al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan.

ISIS plotting new attacks against West from Syria, US military says.

Fall of Raqqa key to disrupting terror plots: US General.


British data prompts global bond selloff; U.S. stocks flat.

Tesla turns profit, Musk says no new capital needed for Model 3.

Twitter axes Vine video service. Struggling Twitter cuts nine percent of its workforce.

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