Wednesday, October 5, 2016

World News Briefs -- October 5, 2016

Smoke and flame are seen following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike, east of Gaza City October 5, 2016. REUTERS/Ahmed Zakot

Reuters: Israeli aircraft attack Hamas in Gaza after rocket hits Israeli town

Israeli aircraft attacked Palestinian militant targets in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, wounding at least one person, witnesses said, after a rocket fired from the enclave hit an Israeli border town.

Israeli police said there were no casualties in the rocket strike on Sderot. But Israel has a declared policy of responding militarily to any attack from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

Three Hamas training camps and a security complex were targeted in the air strikes and a passerby was hurt, witnesses said. The Israeli military blamed Hamas for the rocket.

"Today's (rocket) attack ... is the direct result of Hamas's terror agenda in the Gaza Strip that encourages deliberate attacks against Israeli civilians," spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner said in a statement.

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Syria announces surprise easing of Aleppo assault.

Covert strikes on Assad back on US table to prevent ‘fall of Aleppo’ – report.

Lawmaker: Russia will leave only when law and order are restored in Syria.

Syria conflict: Aid convoy attack was air strike, UN expert says.

UN releases satellite images of damage in Syria's Aleppo.

IS conflict: Iraq air strike 'kills Sunni tribal fighters'. Iraq pro-govt fighters 'most likely' killed in coalition strike: US official.

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi warns of war against Turkey after Mosul 'power vacuum'. Baghdad bridles at Turkey's military presence, warns of 'regional war'.

Ankara should coordinate its military plans with Iraq' – Turkish general.

Turkish-backed Syrian rebels close in on IS-held Dabiq.

Mosul fight could fracture Iraq: former Sunni governor.

Yemen conflict: UAE says Houthis attacked civilian ship.

Putin visiting Turkey on October 10 to meet Erdogan, attend energy forum.

Iran tells Saudi navy vessels to avoid its waters.

ICC announces visit to Israel, Palestinian territories.

Israel intercepts boat seeking to break Gaza blockade.


Chinese rank US as 'top threat': survey.

Donors pledge $15 billion for Afghanistan at Brussels talks.

Food shortages in Afghan city of Kunduz as residents flee fighting.

Afghan troops battle Taliban in Kunduz for third day.

Afghanistan aid: Donors to pledge billions in Brussels.

Australian Defence Force says military exercises in South China Sea region not aimed at Beijing.

Philippine defense chief says Duterte may be 'misinformed' on U.S. alliance.

North Korea official who supplies medicine to Kim Jong-un defects – reports.

UN court throws out Marshall Islands' nuclear weapons case.

Thailand detains Hong Kong activist after China tipoff.


Niger opposition anger over new delay to local elections.

Morocco votes after five years under Islamists.

Ivory Coast president asks parliament to 'turn page' with new constitution.

UN peacekeepers failed to protect civilians in S.Sudan: rights group.

U.S. citizen killed when vehicle hit by stone-throwers in Ethiopia. U.S. citizen killed, foreign factories attacked in Ethiopia.

Oromo protests: Ethiopia arrests blogger Seyoum Teshome.

Congo demands deportation of South Sudan rebels by U.N. mission.

DR Congo's Kabila denies he is trying to cling to power.

Nigeria to sell two presidential jets 'to cut waste'.

Nearly half all children in sub-Saharan Africa in extreme poverty, report warns.

Protests force week-long shutdown at South African universities.


Russia sends two warships back to Med as Syria tensions rise.

More than 10,000 refugees rescued in two days in Mediterranean. Nearly 11,000 migrants rescued in last 48 hours off Libya: Italian coast guard.

EU, Afghanistan agree on return of unlimited number of Afghan migrants.

2 Belgian cops stabbed in possible terror-related incident. Brussels police stabbed in 'terror attack'.

Tensions rise in Srebrenica as Serb takes election lead.

Militia report worsening of situation in Donbass.

Moscow is bankrolling Ukraine rebels: ex-separatist official.

Kerry: Russian people should know NATO not seeking to contain Moscow.

Nato jets scrambled as Russian bombers fly south.

Nigel Farage steps back in at UKIP as Diane James quits.

Spanish corruption highlights political paralysis.


US spy agency contractor arrested in data theft probe.

Obama warns Hurricane Matthew a 'serious storm'.

Hurricane Matthew heads to Bahamas after killing 7 across Caribbean. Hurricane Matthew makes landfall in Cuba after ripping through Haiti. Hurricane Matthew: UN says 350,000 Haitians in need of assistance.

Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapons.

Colombian ceasefire with FARC rebels to end on October 31. Colombia alerts Farc rebels to end of ceasefire after failed peace referendum.

Santos will meet Uribe and Pastrana to talk FARC peace.

Canada rejects proposal to scrutinize arms exports to rights abusers.

Venezuela's well-paid oil workers are selling their uniforms for food.

Brazil Real falls as industrial output drops more than forecast.


The Bundeswehr's fight against 'IS' in Incirlik.

U.S. says strike in Yemen last week killed al Qaeda militant, wounded another.

Counter-Terrorism: Mossad versus Quds in South America.


The world is $152 TRILLION in the red - the highest ever amount of debt - warns the IMF.

IMF warns of financial stability risks.

IMF reduces its forecast for US economic growth this year.

Twitter expected to field takeover offers this week.

Apple biggest tax avoider in US stashing $215bn offshore.


Jay Farquharson said...

B.Poster said...


Thanks for the link. Very intersting read. Unfortunately general Miley like most US leadership personnel is WAY to sanguine about US readiness and current anility to handle the modern battlefield.

The first step to dealing with and solving any problem is to recognize reality. Once this is done, realistic policies can be formulated. Denying reality is never helpful.

One thing that stood out was (paraphrase) "static bases are sitting ducks." I'm thinking of those Chinese islands and the various US bases around the world. None of these especially the Chinese islands can be easily moved.

As for US aircraft carriers, these are easily sunk by Russian, Chinese, and Iranian anti-ship weapons. "Floating death trap" is the best name for a US aircraft carrier today. This is off topic though.

Cyberwarfare is mentioned in the article. Russia and China excel in these areas. The United States is "just learning how to tie it's shoes" in this area and hasn't even fully mastered that yet in terms of cyberwarfare.

It seems the nation best preapred for modern warfare is Russia. China is getting there. As for the US, it has yet to recognize just how inadequate it currently is. Unfortunately the "west" is pretty much in the same position as the US.