Thursday, November 24, 2016

3 Turkish Soldiers Fighting in Syria Have Been Killed By A Syrian Airstrike

New York Times: Syrian Warplanes Kill Turkish Soldiers Fighting in Syria

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Turkish soldiers were killed on Thursday by Syrian warplanes while fighting inside Syria for the first time since the civil war there began in 2011, the Turkish military announced.

Three soldiers were killed and 10 others wounded, the military said. The troops were advancing toward Al Bab, a city in the north held by the Islamic State, close to the border with Turkey.

The announcement heightened the tensions between Syria and Turkey, neighboring countries that have powerful allies.

The Syrian government is backed by Russia and Iran. Turkey, a member of NATO, began a major offensive in northern Syria in August as part of its fight against the Islamic State.

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C-Low said...

Not sure how this is going to play out, I have been watching the wiki map good open source most accurate I have found. Turkey is at the gates of AlBab with the Kurds now mixing with Syrian gov forces to their western flank, more Kurds to their east and the roads South straddled by Syrian gov. Turkey has mentioned intention to push on participate in Raqaa but I don't see how they are going to get there without going through either the Syrian regulars which have advanced well past their airbase to cut the roads or the Kurds. I think I get their intent more or less to limit the Kurd led alliance which the US was pushing kill the ISIS alliance radical GCC pushing for their own led alliance, all with end goal of creating a sunni dagger chopping limiting that Shia crescent territorial support cohesion.

Guess we are getting ready to see.

The wild card is that this looks to go down before the new pres takes over in the US, which leaves allot of unknowns both for how a unbound lame duck pres would react, and/or how a new jack pres would react afterward. The Turks must be sweating.

jimbrown said...

Gecmis olsun.