Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Asia Is On Alert For A New Nuclear Or Missile Test By North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (C) watches a long range rocket launch into the air in North Korea, in this photo released by Kyodo February 7, 2016. Mandatory credit REUTERS/Kyodo

USA Today: U.S. on alert for new nuclear or missile test by North Korea

TOKYO — Among the pressing issues facing President-elect Donald Trump when he takes office on Inauguration Day will be North Korea’s rogue nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs — and a crisis might not wait that long.

U.S. forces and allies in Japan and South Korea are on alert for a new missile launch after recent satellite imagery that showed what appeared to be potential preparations at North Korea’s Sohae launch facility.

North Korea has carried out two nuclear weapons tests and dozens of missile tests and launches this year in defiance of U.N. sanctions. Although not all the missile tests have been successful, the North has made significant advances in developing nuclear weapons and the technology needed to mount them to long-range missiles.

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WNU Editor:
The issue on what to do with North Korea will definitely be one of President-elect Trump's biggest challenges .... How is Trump going to handle North Korean nukes? (General Michael Hayden, USA Today). My guess is that a policy of containment will still be continued .... but a new policy (whatever that may be) must be found and pursued.

Update: Some are expecting a more aggressive policy from a President Trump when it comes to North Korea .... Former US Envoy: Don’t Expect Strategic Patience on N. Korea From Trump (VOA). More here .... Former U.S. officials expect tough North Korea policy under Trump (UPI).


B.Poster said...

Policy suggestion: South Korea and Japan should arm themselves with nuclear weapons forthwith and without delay. This would include the means to deliver such weapons. It's very likely that North Korea either with long range missiles or with operatives already in the US can threaten the US with some type of nuclear weapons or "dirty bombs."

While on paper there may be a defense treaty whereby the US would be expected to defend South Korea or Japan in the event of an attack by North Korea or China, in practice this simply is not going to happen. Should the US involve itself in this 10s of millions of American would be killed. North Korea knows this. China knows this. Surely South Korea and Japan know this. As such, the Americans imply aren't going to do it. On the other hand, South Korea and Japan WILL use their nuclear weapons to defend their homelands. countries such as North Korea and China will know this and will very likely proceed much more cautiously.

Knowing South Korea and Japan lack such deterrents as well as the conventional forces to stand up to them they have been pretty much able to do anything they want with absolute impunity. Once Japan and South Korea are nuclear armed this will not be the case anymore.

Candidate Trump said it best, to paraphrase, "if Japan is attacked we are expected to come to their aid. If we are attacked they don't have to do anything." South Korea could easily be substituted for Japan. If these countries are nuclear armed, this makes them harder to attack, it allows us to properly deploy our limited military forces to positions that make sense for our security needs, and very likely improves relations between us and these important countries as our personnel will not be there.

There's the policy. It's time for all parties in the US, Japan, and South Korea to get to work on it. If we can offer assistance to these nations in developing their nuclear deterrent, we should do so by all means, however, they probably do not need such assistance. The best thing for us would simply be to get out of their way. The correct policy has been put forward. It's time to work on implantation as soon as possible.

James said...

Great picture. Love the guy with the old military commissar's uniform on checking the time. I've seen before. Note he is the only one without a notepad or looking up in the sky.