Friday, November 18, 2016

Canadian Army Recruitment Website Hacked With The Website Redirected To The Chinese Government

Users trying to visit the Canadian Forces recruiting website were redirected to this Chinese government page.

Global News: Hacked Canadian Forces website taken down after redirecting to Chinese state portal

Canadians trying to learn about career opportunities with the military instead found themselves staring at the landing page of the Chinese central government’s official web portal after the website was apparently hacked Thursday to redirect users to the domain.

The recruiting website, registered by the Department of National Defence (DND) in February 2001, redirected users to the Chinese government’s homepage until the error was spotted by DND officials, who took the site offline.

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Update #1: Canada army recruitment website hacked, page redirected to China (Reuters)
Update #2: Canadian Forces investigating after web address redirected to Chinese page (CTV News)

WNU Editor: This is more hackers having fun rather than the Chinese government directly targeting a Canadian government website .... but if these are Chinese hackers the Chinese government is responsible for shutting them down.

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