Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Editor's Note

I am exhausted. I am not a morning person .... but I have been up since 4:30 AM. I am going to take the rest of the day off. Regular blogging will return tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

Update November 10, 2016 Thursday 9:15 EST: It looks like I have become a regular as on 2 Russian radio programs on what is my take on the U.S. election. Yesterday and today I have been the lone voice on why Donald Trump's victory may not create the change that many Russians are hoping for in Russia - West relations. The debate has been interesting. More on it later. But the interesting (and worrisome) international feedback that I have been receiving is from China. My friends and contacts in China are genuinely worried on what Donald Trump may do in reference to trade deals and the possibility that he may impose tariffs and trade/currency penalties against China. I am sure that Donald Trump and his advisers know this .... but this economic hammer that the U.S. has over China is enormous .... but what is different now is that the Chinese elite in government and business have just woken up to the sobering realisation that "the good times" of enjoying hundreds of billions in trade surpluses each year may now be coming to an end.

On a side note .... blogging will return around 13:30 EST this afternoon.


Crusader said...

Thank you for your time and thoughts on the Election.
What an amazing moment in time. Entirely enthralling and so divisive amongst friends and peers.

James said...

A veritable Russian Radio Rush.

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