Sunday, November 6, 2016

Few Answers On Why 3 U.S. Servicemen Were Killed In Jordan

New York Times: Few Answers for the Family of a U.S. Soldier Slain in Jordan

JERUSALEM — On Thursday, Staff Sgt. Jimmy Moriarty, an American Special Forces soldier on a training mission in Jordan, called his sister to check in. Everything was “hunky-dory,” as his father put it. In just two weeks, he would be home.

The next day, Sergeant Moriarty died in a hail of gunfire along with two other American military trainers, evidently killed by a member of the same Jordanian armed forces that the United States had sent the soldiers to help.

In an era of continuing danger to American forces overseas, the shooting at the King Faisal air base in southern Jordan still seemed shocking. Jordan, which has worked closely with American military and intelligence services for many years, had largely escaped the sort of violence that has plagued so many of its neighbors.

“We thought Jordan was safe,” James R. Moriarty, the slain sergeant’s father and a trial lawyer from Houston, said by telephone on Saturday.

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WNU Editor: I know that it is too early to conclude on what happened, but it is starting to look like a deliberate attack.

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