Friday, November 18, 2016

First-Ever 360 Panoramic Footage Of A Russian MiG-29 Jet Penetrating Stratosphere At 2,000kph

RT: RT shoots unique 360 video of MiG jet penetrating stratosphere at 2,000kph (EXCLUSIVE)

A Russian MiG-29 jet’s flight straight into the second layer of Earth’s atmosphere at hair-raising speed has been captured on a panoramic camera, providing one of a kind footage that is certain to send shivers down your spine.

For the pilots of MiG-29 twin-engine fighter jets capable of flying at speeds up to 2,400 kilometers per hour, reaching the stratosphere in almost no time – less than two minutes – is no big deal

However, now, equipped with a 360 camera protected by a temperature and pressure resistant case, one of those aircraft is providing those of us on the ground with a chance to feel what it’s like to fly over the blue planet at a height of more than 18,000 meters (59,000 feet).

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