Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Iran's Shiite Militias In Iraq Are A Force To Reckon With

Washington Times: Iran positioning Shiite militias in Iraq as regional expeditionary force

Iran has positioned thousands of loyal Iraqi Shiite militia fighters around Mosul with a strategic goal of creating long-lasting armies inside Iraq that can also deploy as an expeditionary force to Syria, Yemen and other contested regions, analysts say.

The Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah Brigades, Badr Organization and other groups fall under the Baghdad-approved umbrella group known as the Popular Mobilization Forces. These mostly Shiite groups — some moderate, some extremists — are distinct from but coordinate with the Iraqi regular army, police and counterterrorism units. The ultimate goal is the same: Evict the Sunni extremist group Islamic State from the country.

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WNU Editor: More signs on high deeply divided Iraq is going to be when the war against the Islamic State is over.

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