Saturday, November 12, 2016

Is China's Massive New Military Base Near The North Korean Border An Indication That They Expect Kim Jong-Un's Regime To Collapse?

IBTimes: China secretly building new military facility near North Korea border – Report

The Chinese military is reportedly expanding its base to prepare for 'collapse' of Kim Jong-un's regime.

China is reportedly expanding its military facilities along the border it shares with North Korea amid ongoing tensions in the Korean peninsula following Pyongyang's missile launches and nuclear tests.

Chinese military authorities began evacuating local residents at Kaishantunzhen in Longjing city in the north of the border with North Korea to another area, according to a source who told the US international broadcaster Radio Free Asia. It is to reportedly accommodate heavy equipment for construction at the site.

The work to move people reportedly began in August in order to prepare for the construction of a large-scale military base in the region.

Although China has built and expanded its military facilities in other parts of the regions in Asia and the Asia Pacific, raising regional tensions and widespread concerns from the international community, the current base expansion near North Korea is thought to be an unprecedented measure by Beijing.

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Update: Report: China building new military base near North Korea border (UPI).

WNU Editor: You build military bases with the expectation that you will be needing them one day in the future. China is signalling to everyone that they are expecting the worse when it comes to North Korea.


Steven Krische said...

Do they expect the regime to collapse or do they expect war with the south?

B.Poster said...


I think it is the latter. They expect war with South Korea. There is no posiibilty of a North Korean collapse. Such is wishful thinking. Policies based on wishful thinking are generally a bad idea.

From America's perspective, the best approach is probably twofold. 1.)Seek better relations with China and seeking their assistance in containing the north. We can't defeat them militarily neither can the south. In this vein, how can we add value to China making it possible they would consider it to their benefit to assist us. This will probably mean recognizing China's dominant position in the South China Sea. Doing this in concert with renegotiating the trade agreements should improve relatikbs with them. 2.) Properly deploy our forces so that an attack would be extremely costly so much so that an adversary would not consider it. This will likely mean a complete restructuring of our military.

South Korea should structure it's military such that the inevitable victory by North Korea will be pyric enough that they don't consider the attack in the first place. Additionally if ways can be found to add value to North Korea such things should be pursued. Essentially when one is valuable to another the other respects it and will support it.

RRH said...

The North Koreans are not capable of launching an invasion of the south with any hope of maintaining it, let alone being victorious.

At best, they'd be able to pulverise Seoul with their massed artillery but the end result would be cataclysmic for them.

It would also mean the end of the Kims. And they know it.

China is putting everyone around them on notice. Including the Kims.

No funny business.

We ain't playin'.

fred lapides said...

China supports N. Korea because they do not want American forces on their border should N. Korea collapse or merge with S. Korea. The North will not invade unless they are urged by China. That nation helped the North shortly before I arrived in Korea, 1950. I don't think they want a replay of that scenario.