Friday, November 25, 2016

Is This The End Of 'Made In China'?

Chinese exports, such as goods made by Hon Hai, are contributing less to China's economic growth. © Reuters

Nikkei Asian Review: Trump signals the end of 'Made in China'

Various news reports have recently suggested that Hon Hai Precision Industry, the Taiwanese contract manufacturer of Apple products, is considering shifting production from China to the U.S. The speculation is nothing new. But this is the first time it has reared its head since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election.

The president-elect's campaign-trail threats of slapping heavy tariffs on Chinese exports have brought something new to the equation.

On Nov. 18, the Nikkei newspaper reported the move from Taipei, citing sources close to the matter. In June, Apple allegedly asked Hon Hai to shift production of the iPhone to the U.S. With the campaign in full swing, the Republican presidential candidate was pulling no punches in his criticism of Apple for outsourcing work to China.

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Update: Apple in line of fire if trade wars start (Financial Times)

WNU Editor: The last thing that the Chinese want right now is a trade war with the U.S. and a slowdown in its economy. And while China's currency is now at almost record lows that makes its products even more competitive on world markets .... China currency dips to lowest level versus dollar in 8 years (AP) .... calls for tariffs and other protective measures are growing .... China will defend trade rights in face of Trump tariff threats, says official (The Guardian/Reuters).


Andrew Summers said...

If we knew what was best for us in the longer run we as a people and the people of North America should actively boycotte anything made in China as best as possible I don't know how everything works and I'm assuming if this happened it may be bad for the short term but we need to start supporting our own people and our own manufacturing process as opposed to the slave leighboor necessary for all the cheap chineese crap... I do my best not to buy anything made in China

Anonymous said...

Does this mean no more Harbor Freight? The horror!

Bob Huntley said...

Interesting read. Steve Jobs responded to Obama's question 'how can we get these job back?'