Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Is This What Happened When The FBI Director Told The U.S. Attorney General That He Was Going To Reopen The Clinton Email Investigation?

Daily Mail: Are you ORDERING me to keep new Clinton email bombshell SECRET? How FBI boss called attorney-general's bluff before revealing Weiner breakthrough

* Details of confrontation between Comey and Loretta Lynch, the attorney general emerge as White House backs him as man of 'integrity'
* On Thursday Comey's aides told Lynch of plan to tell Congress about existence of trove of new emails
* Lynch made clear that she thought his decision violated department policy, source tells Reuters
* But then Comey challenged whether he was being 'explicitly directed' not to inform Congress - and Lynch never gave such an order
* He wrote to tell committee chairmen about development; then it emerged it was because of Huma Abedin emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop
* Development sent shockwaves through both presidential campaigns and has left Clinton and her aides - including Huma Abedin reeling

An astonishing confrontation between the attorney-general and the FBI director over Hillary Clinton's emails was revealed Monday.

Sources told Reuters how James Comey, the FBI boss, challenged Loretta Lynch, the nation's most senior prosecutor, over whether she was directing him to keep the bombshell discovery of new, 'relevant' emails secret from Congress.

The development was revealed by the news agency hours after the White House went out of its way to back Comey as a man of 'integrity' and rubbish Hillary Clinton's attack on him.

It also slapped down claims by Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate leader, that Comey may have been breaking the Hatch act and influencing the election, saying the President did not believe he was doing such a thing.

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WNU Editor: No one really knows what was discussed .... both FBI Director Comey and U.S. Attorney General are keeping to themselves. But kudos to President Obama for putting a stop to all of this innuendo and accusations against the FBI Director with his remarks that he supports the Director .... White House says FBI director not trying to influence election (Reuters).

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