Saturday, November 19, 2016

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Sleeps With A Suicide Vest

An informant has been texting Iraqi intelligence on how Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been ‘cracking under pressure’. (AFP)

Daily Mail: ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi is sleeping in tunnels with suicide vest as he becomes paranoid his closest team will betray him

* ISIS mastermind Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'cowering beneath besieged Mosul'
* He is 'paranoid' and sleeps in tunnels with a suicide vest, says an informant
* Desperate commanders drowned 58 in one brutal crack down on 'spies'

ISIS tyrant Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is sleeping in tunnels with a suicide vest after becoming increasingly paranoid about his closest team, it has been claimed.

The terror mastermind is cowering beneath besieged Mosul while continuing to send jihadists to their death in the battle for the city, according to an informant.

As paranoia continues to grow within the top ranks of the group, dozens have been executed after being accused of spying. More than 50 were reportedly drowned in cages after SIM cards showed they had been contacting coalition forces.

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Update: Iraqi Informant: ISIS’ Baghdadi sleeps with a suicide belt (Al Arabiya/Reuters)

WNU Editor: Who really knows what Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is really doing .... or if he is in Mosul to begin with. But he must be feeling the stress of this military campaign .... and its eventual outcome where he is either dead or captured..


RRH said...

If this is true, hopefully he rolls over one night and blows himself straight to hell.

Ruben Acosta said...

How did we ensure that ISIS forces concentrated in Mosul did not scatter outwards prior to the campaign?
I'm confident that the Peshmerga was effective in stopping any movement northwards but what about the other directions?

László Mikó said...

Ruben Acosta:

To answer your question about IS forces scattering.

If we talking about going to insurgency, fighters blending among the population, we reach the point we already talked about many times here, thats Iraqian forces are not "handling" the POWs "well" and they don't expect a long life. Even Iraqis do check for IS supporters, but sure some will escape, we seen and know that IS working behind the lines, but make no mistake, if they get caught tomorow or a year for now, they will be handled the same way, no fun in that.

If we see it in a military way, they cannot go North, because there are the Kurd's long frontline, which held them back for years now. They could not go toward East, because of the same reason, but also because they would need to cross a river which have limited crossing points, and some have been destroyed already. South is the direction where from they retreat. West could be there as an option, but that's why the Iraqian forces are pushing toward Tal Afar, or whatever the name of that town East of Sinjar, so IS could not retreat anywhere, but more importantly could not supply/connect in-and-out. Sure, there could be another last retreat option that IS tried in Falujah area, but the airforce got them hard, and pulling the same in this area would be even harder.

So far the operation is going well, and the possibility of a break-out is low, and not because it's impossible, or because IS forces are not yet encircled, but because both sides (or at least those who follow the operation) known when it's started that this will be a one sided battle by the result. IS not committed to this battle as much as they could, because it's would have been very hard for them to turn the tide, and now it's would be even harder. Sure we hear reports of heavy fightings, and slow progress and we will keep hearing so for months, this is the nature of wars in such an environment and the nature of media, but on the ground IS fighters still continue to die. Soon we will hear about the battle for Tal Afar and very likely we will see some preasure made on IS by Kurds, and then come the closeup. I'm sure there are some Thinktank out there who could came up a solution/reaction that IS could make, but it's really super hard to figure out anything that could work. The situation is never as bad as it's seems.

Hurhurhur said...

Haha fag