Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Life In Damascus Still Goes On

Damascus, Syria. Britannica

New York Times: Damascus Diary: A Syrian City Filled With Life, and Hints of Brutal Death

There is always a rush of tension and excitement driving into Damascus, a city inhabited for thousands of years, where cultures and influences have mixed and accumulated like coral on a reef.

More than five years into Syria’s chaotic civil war, the capital is relatively undamaged and functioning, bustling with commuters, markets and restaurants — especially compared with Aleppo, where government airstrikes this week are pummeling rebel-held districts and rebels are shelling government-held ones. But my stay in Damascus early this month, even under the restrictions of government minders, revealed new ways that war has wounded and warped the city, which I have visited nine times since 2001.

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WNU Editor: A different view of the war.

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