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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 11, 2016

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RT: NATO mulls worst-case scenario in case Trump pulls US troops out of Europe – report

NATO strategists are reportedly planning for a scenario in which Trump orders US troops out of Europe, as the shock result of the US presidential election sinks in, spreading an atmosphere of uncertainty.

According to Spiegel magazine, strategists from NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s staff have drafted a secret report which includes a worst-case scenario in which Trump orders US troops to withdraw from Europe and fulfills his threat to make Washington less involved in European security.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 11, 2016

Donald Trump's NATO Stance Threatens 'West' as We Know It: Experts -- NBC

In Trump, NATO Faces a Challenge -- Julian Barnes, WSJ

What Does Trump's Victory Mean For NATO? -- NPR

Russian warship flotilla now off Syrian coast: military -- AFP

Russia poised to unleash new Syria strikes from the sea, US officials say -- FOX News

Russia's MiG-31 Fighter Is a Mach 3 Monster (Even at 35 Years Old) -- National Interest

Robotic sentinels defend strategic missile site from saboteurs in Russian military trials (VIDEO) -- RT

Killer Russian robot can detect a human from over four miles away before shooting them dead in an instant -- Mirror

China's New Copy of Russian Supersonic Missile Has US Pacific Fleet Worried -- Sputnik

China Claims Its New Anti-Stealth Radars Can Detect the F-22 -- Popular Mechanics

The Scariest Looking Killer Drone Ever Is Chinese -- Fiscal Times

Algeria Receives No Russian Request to Set Up Military Base in Country -- Sputnik

Israel is ‘determined to stop Iran establishing itself militarily’ in Syria, Benjamin Netanyahu claims -- The Independent

Britain opens its first permanent military base in the Middle East in 40 years: New £30million Royal Navy facility to launch in Bahrain next month -- Daily Mail

Philippines' Duterte sets 2022 date to dismiss U.S. troops -- UPI

French Defense Chief, Airbus Spar Over 'Tactical' A400M Deliveries -- Defense News

Plans for More Troops in Europe Remain On Track for Now -- and Stripes

Can NATO Pay Up? -- Elisabeth Braw, National Interest

US to Spend $17Bln on Cruise Missiles in Hope to Outwit Russia's S-300, S-400 -- Sputnik

$12.9B, 4.5 acres: Navy's next-generation aircraft carrier --

The US Military Launches “Hack the Army,” Its Most Ambitious Bug Bounty Yet -- WIRED

White House Requests Extra $11.6B in OCO Funding Supplemental -- Defense News

Trump’s Big-League Defense Buildup Would Face Hurdles in Congress -- Joe Gould, Defense News

Trump election means boom for arms makers -- DW

Trump’s Defense Spending Hike Counts on a Reagan-Era Gimmick -- Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter offers advice to the Trump administration -- CBS

Privacy experts fear Donald Trump running global surveillance network -- The Guardian

What would the military do if Trump gave illegal orders? -- Barbara Starr, CNN

Why So Many National Security Experts Want Randy Forbes as Secretary of the Navy -- National Interest

Meet The 7 Veterans Newly Elected To Congress -- Task & Purpose

How to Defeat the Missile Defense of the Future -- Leonid Nersisyan, National Interest

Is the U.S. Army Close to Creating Lethal 'Super' Soldiers? -- Kris Osborn, National Interest

How did Canadian soldiers do what they did? -- Craig Daniels, National Post |

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