Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 2, 2016

U.S. Army soldiers rest next to a canal while conducting a patrol during Operation Helmand Spider in Badula Qulp in Helmand province, Afghanistan, Feb. 15, 2010. Tech. Sgt. Efren Lopez/Air Force

Military Times: Special ops troops say the next president needs to give them more people or less work

The next commander in chief needs to give special operations forces more resources or fewer missions to avoid burning out the skilled specialists, defense officials warn in a new report by a security think tank.

The report from CNA, a Virginia-based research and analysis organization, is based on anonymous interviews with six former special operations commanders, a former assistant Secretary of Defense, and “dozens of active duty special operations forces.”

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 2, 2016

Iraqi Forces Are on Mosul's Doorstep -- Stratfor

U.S. SOF on Front Lines of Assault on Mosul -- Stars and Stripes

Turkey deploys tanks, military vehicles to border with Iraq -- AP

Russian Defense Ministry compares Mosul offensive with Aleppo -- Washington Post

Aircraft carrier’s voyage to Mediterranean is ‘show of flag’ — Russian MP -- TASS

NATO builds up offensive capability on borders of Russia & Belarus, Moscow to respond – MoD -- RT

Russian defense minister says Moscow forced to take measures in response to NATO buildup -- Tass

Russia to Churn Out First Batch of Ka-52 Choppers for Foreign Customers in 2017 -- Sputnik

Aircraft hardware comprises almost half of Russia’s arms exports — official -- TASS

Russia Has a Dead Nuclear Submarine (Armed With Nuclear Weapons) Sitting at the Bottom of the Ocean -- National Interest

Belarus, Russia signed over 20 arms deals in 2016 — defense minister -- TASS

As China Shows Off J-20 Stealth Fighter, A Bit of Context -- Defense One

Separated At Birth? China's J-20 Stealth Jet Looks Just Like MiG Prototype -- Sputnik

China Unveils New Mountain Warfare Tank -- Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat

The military trial that’s tearing Israel apart -- Washington Post

Israel Navy Planning to Replace 3 Submarines in Coming Decade -- Haaretz

Malaysia to Purchase Four Navy Ships From China in Landmark Deal -- Bloomberg

Nato war with Russia next year not likely, says Sir Michael Fallon -- Daily Mail/Press Association

Field Narrows for UK Battle Tank Modernization -- Defense News

US, Japan to Stage Joint Amphibious Training Op in Pacific During Keen Sword 17 -- Sputnik

Air Force, DIUx Seeking Out 'Ender’s Game' Technology to Enable Drone Swarms -- Defense News

Navy Sends Ballistic Missile Submarine to Guam -- Washington Free Beacon

Distributed Lethality and Beyond: The U.S. Navy's Surface Fleet Is Evolving Right Before Our Eyes -- National Interest

USS Illinois Submarine Officially Commissioned -- FOX news

Pentagon reviews recruitment standards including for tattoos, pot use -- AFP

Military to Boost Recruiting with Better Ads, School Access --

Half of Young Americans ‘Do Not Know Anything’ About US Military Service -- Sputnik

CIA to make 11mn declassified docs available to public online -- RT

Names of Covert Agents Among Documents Stolen From NSA: Feds -- NBC

US Not Interested in Cyberwarfare Race With Russia -- Sputnik

Criminal Investigation Underway in Air Force Toxic Chemical Release -- AP

A soldier battling PTSD reported that he wanted to hurt his commanders. They disciplined him. -- Baltimore Sun

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