Friday, November 11, 2016

Picture Of The Day

Daily Mail: 'Shake hands or both of you will be suspended from school': Internet mocks first awkward photo of Donald Trump and President Obama

* Social media users mocked the awkward photo released of President Obama and Donald Trump's first meeting on Thursday
* 'Common shake hands or both of you will be suspended from the school,' wrote one person
* 'Don't think that these two are likely to make a duet album any time soon,' said Toby Wood
* The Daily Show wrote: Just a reminder that someone out there is having a s****ier day than you'

The awkward first photo released of President Barack Obama's meeting with Donald Trump has led many on the internet to mock the two men.

Social media users took to Twitter soon after the White House released the picture, which showed the two men sitting in chairs inside the Oval Office and not looking at one another.

More photos and video was released soon after, but many continued to comment on that uncomfortable first look at the two men.

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WNU Editor: The GF was disappointed in Donald Trump in this picture. She remarked that he could not look at President Obama in the eyes, and that President Obama looked more like her Rottweiler who he is just waiting for the excuse to pounce on someone. I told her that pictures .... especially at this level .... are always politicised and meant to present a certain image .... and besides, this meeting was held on President Obama's turf. Putin knows how to counter-look President Obama's stare (see here).

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Chase jones said...

Lol barry is a chump always will be history books will do him no favors got two terms beause he was black glad thats out of the way now we can take our position in the world back and get rid of all the pc bullshit. People these days need grabbed by there pu$$ys because everyone lost there nuts over the last 8 years