Thursday, November 10, 2016

President Obama And Donald Trump Meet In The Oval Office

WNU Editor: I always find it fascinating when I see two people who have no respect for each other .... President Obama calling Donald Trump unfit to lead/compares him to the KKK/etc. .... and Donald Trump who has said more than his share about what he thought about President Obama in the past year .... sitting together and talking about working together and bringing the country together. LOL .... that is the last thing on their minds. Donald Trump has the look of a person who wants to storm into the White House to rip apart everything that President Obama has done in the past 8 years, and President Obama is thinking of everything that he can do to completely disrupt his plans. Nothing about this meeting is real with the exception of one thing .... Donald Trump has a mandate, and there is nothing that President Obama and his supporters can do .... just as the Republicans could do nothing when President Obama was elected in 2008.

Update: This is how pissed off they really are (from the Wall Street Journal)  ....

.... “The Obamas canceled a photo-op of the current and future first couples outside the south entrance of the White House. In his first visit to the White House after the 2008 election, Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama posed for the cameras alongside President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush. The decision not to participate in this tradition illustrates how bitter the campaign was, particularly for Mrs. Obama who delivered some of the most emotional arguments against electing Mr. Trump.”

Update #2: Apparently the meeting lasted for 90 minutes .... not 15 minutes. According to CNN, they are saying that President Obama schooled Donald Trump on the "facts of life". My take is different .... my gut is telling me that this was not a pleasant and happy meeting .... this was a meeting between two people who do not like each other, and they had a lot on their chest to unload .... and they did.

Update #3: LOL. Yeah right .... Trump calls Obama 'a very good man' after historic White House meeting (CNN).


Daniel said...

He always blasts the ones he's fighting then pats them on the back once they lose. See: Cruz, Hillary, now Obama too. Julius Caesar did that too, an old trick but a good one, magnanimity or the appearance of it. Makes you want to be on his good side.

TWN said...

I noticed in Canada years ago that when the Liberals took over from the Tories and Vise a Versa nothing really changes except on minor things, Bush is Clinton is Bush is Obama is Clinton nothing changes, will Trump really make real changes, will he tear up trade deals, slow immigration, deport illegals and build a wall, shake up NATO, hard to say. I have watched politics since 1968 and I don't really believe in much anymore, I hope Trump does the things he said he would do, but I won't hang by my nuts waiting for any of it to happen.

B.Poster said...


I have not watched politics for as long as you have, not quite as old as you. It seems you have learned a great deal. this reflects in your posts.

Generally I agree with you about nothing much changing. While we cannot "know" at this point just what Mr. Trump will do in this situation as he has never been in this type of situation. Anyone who thinks a change in POTUS is going to automatically change their lives is sorely deluding himself/herself and if POTUS thinks he/she can wave a magic wand and fix things, he/she is deluding themselves.

With that said I think we can make inferences as to what a person is likely to do based upon their temperament and prior experience in other areas. I think Mr. Trump will try and do all of the things he has laid out for the following reasons. 1.)His background is a business background not a political/non profit/public service one. In this environment, one is judged by what they accomplish not but they want to accomplish or by "meaning well." 2.)A business person who does not generally deliver on their promises will not remain a business person for long. Yes, he's had some spectacular failures but he's had much success as well. To be where he is in the business world would require extraordinary success. As such, these people will not state goals publically that they do not have every intention of believing they are going to achieve. In other words, such people do not "say what they need to say to get the job." 3.)He has staked his entire ego and self worth on doing all of the things he says he is going to do or so it strongly appears. As such, he would have to achieve these things or be at grave risk for severe mental illness. (Point 3 is a strong hunch from spending much of my life dealing with successful business people and observing their character traits. While the scale of the wealth amounts are smaller scale, millions in net worth as opposed to billions, the principles seem to be the same.)

I will be interested to see how the establishment in America and around the world responds. With the exception of the Russians I don't think any of them saw this coming. They should have seen it coming but didn't. I think they did not want to see it coming so they didn't. It's a common mistake humans make, however, successful business people cannot afford to make such mistakes or their business is out of business!!

Jon said...

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