Saturday, November 19, 2016

Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis Being Considered For Secretary Of Defense

Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump Considering Retired General James Mattis for Defense Chief

Retired Marine general has long voiced concerns about the security threat posed by Iran.

WASHINGTON—President-elect Donald Trump is considering several retired military generals as possible picks to be secretary of defense, people knowledgeable about the transition process said.

Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, a former war commander who has long voiced concerns about the security threat posed by Iran, is among those being considered. Gen. Mattis is expected to visit with Mr. Trump in New Jersey, transition officials said Friday.

Gen. Mattis didn’t respond to attempts to reach him for comment.

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Update #1: Trump to meet with Mattis on Saturday (Politico)
Update #2: Donald Trump to meet with Retired Marine General James Mattis for SECDEF (SOFREP).
Update #3: Legendary Marine General to Meet with Trump Amid SecDef Talk (

WNU Editor: I would be shocked if he is chosen as Secretary of Defense. President-Elect Trump is also considering the following names for the top job at the Pentagon .... Trump considering Petraeus, others for Pentagon chief: WSJ (Reuters).


RRH said...

Trudeau had better get his s@@t together. Quick.

War News Updates Editor said...

I agree RRH.
With U.S. interest rates now slated to go up trading partners are now expecting a higher U.S. dollar and bigger trade surpluses with the U.S., Canada included. President-Elect Trump knows this .... and he is saying it is not going to happen .... and he is going to do it by changing trade deals starting with the biggest U.S. trading country .... Canada.

RRH said...

I plop a new NEP on the table, call for the end of Chapters 11 and 19 and that'd be before lunch.

RRH said...

Trudeau also needs to cut the dramatic BS and mend fences with Russia. There is no way they are worse than the Saudis and any "in" Canada can get on the OBOR/New Silk Road would be beneficial.

He needs to drop the obsession with the TPP too.

War News Updates Editor said...

By the looks of it, if TPP dies, Canada will then focus on forging individual agreements with these Asian states. But these agreements take years .... and they will certainly not happen in his current term of office.

RRH said...

And that's the rub, isn't it Editor?

He doesn't have a whole lot of time.

Neither to we.

Hurhurhu said...

Hell mattis all the way!!!