Thursday, November 24, 2016

Russia And Ukraine Are Now Taking Turns Arresting Crimea Servicemen On Spying Allegations

Newsweek: Russia and Ukraine Take Turns Arresting Crimea Servicemen on Spying Allegations

The arrest of the serviceman is one of several such detentions made on the contested peninsula in recent days by both Russia and Ukraine. Crimea, recognized by the U.N. as Ukrainian, came under Russian control following an internationally unrecognized referendum in 2014, but both Russian and Ukrainian forces had long been stationed there. Some Ukrainian troops deserted to the new Russian command, while other Ukrainian reservists remained in Crimea.

Last week, the FSB announced on state news that two men identified as Ukrainian military personnel had been arrested in Crimea on suspicion of seeking to undermine Russian control on the peninsula. Ukraine’s defence forces dismissed this, accusing Russia of using an outdated staff list to persecute any reserve officers who had worked in Ukraine’s security structures prior to the annexation, channel 211 reported.

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Update: Ex-Black Sea Fleet officer detained over espionage for Ukraine (TASS)

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WNU Editor: The Ukraine government's explanation on who they will regard as deserters is only going to inflame the situation .... Ukraine’s General Staff has explained who of Crimeans will be treated as deserters (News from Crimea).

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