Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Russia Deploys Missiles To The Kuril Islands. Tells Japan To Not Be Worried

RT: Russia deploys newest anti-ship missiles to Kuril Islands

The Russian Pacific Fleet has installed batteries of anti-ship missiles at its bases on the Kuril Islands, ensuring effective protection from landing operations and carrier-based aircraft strikes.

The Boyevaya Vakhta (Combat Watch) newspaper of the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet reports that the Kurils Navy Base has received the Bal and Bastion missile complexes (NATO code names Sennight and Stooge) and is preparing to conduct training launches in the nearest future.

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Update #1: Putin ratchets up tension sending missiles to Pacific islands (The Australian/The Times)
Update #2: Russia deployed coastal missile systems to islands claimed by Japan (RFE)
Update #3: Russia deploys missiles in Kurils ahead of peace talks (Straits Times)

WNU Editor: The Kremlin is telling Japan to not be concerned about this deployment .... Kuril islands missiles should not spoil Putin's visit, Russia tells Japan (The Guardian). The Japanese are not convinced .... Japan vows to respond to Russian missile deployment to disputed islands (The Telegraph).


Jay Farquharson said...

Russia uses the Sea of Okhotsk as a "Boomer" bathtub. Pacific Fleet nuclear subs sortie into the Sea of Okhotsk from where they are "hidden" and yet within a counterstrike range of the US, with out ever having to pass the ASW sensor nets or ASW sea and air assets the US has forward deployed in the North Pacific.

As Russia can afford to make and deploy more modern defense systems, just as in Kaliningrad, they will be deployed to protect Russian territory.

Jay Farquharson said...

BTW, WNU Editor, the "latest and greatest" in kitchen automation, your GF will love it,

And just in time for American Thanksgiving.

War News Updates Editor said...

Jay .... the GF has me. :(
Just for your info .... after I showed her the above link (I asked her if we can train her Rottie to do the same thing .... she said no) .... and she has said this more than once .... she wish you were living in eastern Ontario so that you can help her get off the grid from Hydro One. :)

Between you and James (he convinced her that we should visit New Orleans in the future) .... you are her favorites from this blog. I tell her that everyone else is OK .... but no .... I guess it is a women thing .... they love the attention that you guys give her.