Monday, November 21, 2016

Russia To Deploy Iskander Missiles In Kaliningrad To Counter U.S. Missile Defense

Tactical short-range ballistic missile systems Iskander-M © Sergey Orlov / Sputnik

RT: Russia to deploy Iskander rockets in Kaliningrad exclave over US cruise missile threat

Responding to the threat posed by US cruise missiles, which could be launched from sites in Eastern Europe, Russia will be forced to deploy its own ballistic missiles in its westernmost region, the head of the Russian Senate Defense Committee warned.

“One of the reasons why Russia opposed the deployment of the American ABM [anti-ballistic missile] system in Europe was the concern that this infrastructure may be quickly converted to deploy strike systems, in particular land-based cruise missiles. These concerns are being confirmed today,” Senator Viktor Ozerov, who chairs the upper house’s Defense and Security Committee, told Ria Novosi.

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