Sunday, November 27, 2016

Should The U.S. Threaten A Trade War With China Over North Korea?

Gordon G. Chang, Forbes: To Disarm North Korea, Wage Trade War On China

Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the White House told the Trump transition team that North Korea was, in the words of the paper, the “top national security priority” for the incoming administration.

Virtually every American analyst agrees on what Trump should do to meet the No. 1 threat: drop his plans of confronting China on trade to obtain its assistance on “denuclearizing” the Kim regime.

This line of thinking is not new and ignores 13 years of American foreign policy failure. In fact, it’s possible the opposite is true, that waging a trade war on China may be the only way to obtain Beijing’s cooperation on North Korea.

It’s not hard to see why the outgoing administration thinks the North is such a danger. At this time, Kim Jong Un, the regime’s unstable ruler, can press a button and send three types of missiles to the lower 48 states, the Taepodong-2; the road-mobile KN-08; and the KN-08 variant, the KN-14. Richard Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center thinks the KN-14 might be able to reach Washington, D.C.

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WNU Editor: A trade war with China will guarantee one thing .... an economic and financial crisis that the world has not seen since the Great Depression. If this policy is to be implemented, it would mean that the world has entered an incredibly dangerous place .... and there are no longer any options (with the exception of a real war) on the table.


Jay Farquharson said...

Revolution in the US, no WalMart, no middle class and below. No melamine infused cheap Ramen clones, mass starvation.

opit said...

The USA has been waging trade war with any number of countries for decades. The only country to suffer more than North Korea - which was subjected to a bombing campaign in the 50's that killed roughly 28% of a North Korean population which posed no threat ( at that time ) to the USA. If Korea has finally decided that the only safe option is to be able to threaten retribution, it should be taken as a natural consequence of the US frustrating their attempts to comply with the terms of the Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty by removing delivery of agreed upon energy supply, necessary to maintaining basic infrastructure.
Some time ago, their thoughts on criticism of their nuclear policies By the UN Security Council was made quite clear, though the numbers have changed since then.
There have been 2054 atomic tests. We have made 2. You have made the rest. Yet we are irresponsible ? What hypocrisy!
So much for the fruits of removing any ability to independently fund operation of the IAEA because of sanctions. Ditto for Iran, Iraq, ....