Friday, November 18, 2016

The Battle For Aleppo -- News Updates November 18, 2016

Reuters: Battle for Aleppo escalates, U.N. sees 'bleak moment'

Syrian rebels fought fiercely with pro-government forces trying to advance into opposition-held areas of eastern Aleppo on Friday and warplanes kept up their bombardment of the area in a renewed bid by Damascus to retake the entire city.

The U.N. humanitarian adviser said on Friday the besieged population of eastern Aleppo faced a "very bleak moment" with no food or medical supplies, winter approaching, and an increasingly fierce attack by Syrian and allied forces.

Violence also escalated in and around Damascus, where government forces fiercely bombarded the city's rebel-held eastern outskirts and rebels fired rockets into the government-controlled city centre, witnesses said.

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The Battle For Aleppo -- News Updates November 18, 2016

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