Friday, November 25, 2016

The U.S Army Wants Science Fiction Writers To Write About Future Conflicts

From The Movie "Edge of Tomorrow"

Army Times: Your science-fiction ideas could shape the future of the Army

If you’ve ever wanted to be the next H.G. Wells, this is your chance.

Army Training and Doctrine Command is hosting its inaugural Mad Scientist Science Fiction Writing Contest, according to a TRADOC press release. The topic for the competition is “Warfare in 2030 to 2050.”

Participants are asked to consider trends in science, technology, society, the global economy and other aspects, and how these trends will affect how the Army operates in future conflicts.

Writers can explore how future capabilities may be used during warfare, and TRADOC may use these ideas to research the future of technology and warfare.

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WNU Editor: I would not be surprised if some of these works will eventually be adopted sometime in the future.

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