Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The White House Is In Shock With The Results Of The U.S. Election

U.S. President Barack Obama, with Vice-President Joe Biden at his side (L), delivers a statement from the Rose Garden in the White House the morning after Donald Trump was elected the next U.S. president in Washington, U.S., November 9, 2016. © Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Politico: Obama reeling from gut punch of Trump win

America's decision to embrace Trump and reject Obama's third term shocked the White House.

There is no plan at the White House.

They also never thought this could or would happen.

President Barack Obama and his aides throughout the federal government have 10 weeks to nail anything and everything they can down, a crisis in management they’ll need to handle amid a crisis in politics, faith, the economy and the world order.

But they’ve already lost the chance to lock in Obama’s vision of America, one that is educated and pragmatist, multicultural, cosmopolitan and globalist.

Obama said for months on the campaign trail that he’d consider Donald Trump’s election a personal repudiation. And it was. The Senate and House results leave no question, as if there could be one.

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WNU Editor: They will get over their shock in the next few days .... in their eyes there is too much at stake (the money, the power, etc.) to ignore it. The interesting part of this Politico article was the hint from the author that President Obama will become the voice of opposition to Donald Trump in the months and years to come. My prediction .... I agree .... President Obama is going to be the voice of opposition to Donald Trump .... and he will be receiving overwhelming support from the establishment and the media.


Sheerah said...

Not so sure about the assessment on Obama: The results of his administration are pretty measurably disastrous from the economy to the Middle East condition, so I'm not so sure he'll have quite the international support that the mainstream media have imagined for him all this time.

Also, if you'll recall, Obama actually visited the UK before the Brexit vote to try and encourage Brits to "remain" (keep the status quo in place). Well... it didn't quite work out that way did it? He also campaigned HEAVILY for Hillary... and now we have President-Elect Trump!

Just sayin'...

Bob Huntley said...

Many jobs to perform. Shredding, email deleting, video destruction.

Anonymous said...

Trump walks in and immediately tells osama "ur fired" get facked

fred lapides said...

I note that even here Deplorables feel the need to dump venom