Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Worst Case Scenario For Mosul Is Coming True

An Iraqi special forces soldier walks in front of humvees destroyed by an Islamic State suicide car bomb attack during clashes in Mosul, Iraq, November 19. GORAN TOMASEVIC / Reuters

Jane Ferguson, VOX News: On the ground in Mosul: why the worst-case scenarios are coming true

MOSUL, Iraq — The rip of machine gun fire disturbed the quiet on the second floor of a mosque in Mosul’s Zahra district. Lying on their bellies across the room, three Iraqi soldiers peered over the guns they’d pointed through smashed windows, anxiously scanning for ISIS fighters. A few feet away, their commander, Major Ziad al-Gubere, paced up and down, radio in hand, talking to other Iraqi Army units in the area.

Beyond the mosque was ISIS territory, and Gubere was trying to make sure his men killed the enemy fighters hoping to breach this front line. Outside in the street, a pile of tangled metal and rubble was stacked up on the road like a barricade from the French Revolution. “You see these guys?” Gubere asked in disgust, pointing over the pile. “One of them blew himself up over there.” Gubere is middle-aged and in constant motion: He always seemed to be marching somewhere, with others behind trying to catch up.

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WNU Editor: Unfortunately .... it looks like President-elect Donald Trump's prediction during the U.S. Presidential campaign is becoming true .... Is Donald Trump's Assessment On The Battle For Mosul Is Correct? (October 29, 2016).


Jac said...

Usually, surprise effect is a big deal for an attack. Where is the surprise effect on Mosul? It could be laughable if it was not about life.

Jay Farquharson said...

ISIS has had Monsul for more than two years, ( mid June, 2014).

The only way a "surprise" attack on Monsul "works", is if ISIS hadn't spent the last 2+ years fortifying the city and establishing control.

Andrew Jackson said...

Thanks Obama ;Donald Trump