Wednesday, November 30, 2016

This Is How Society In The Future Will Be Controlled

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Wall Street Journal: China’s New Tool for Social Control: A Credit Rating for Everything

Beijing wants to give every citizen a score based on behavior such as spending habits, turnstile violations and filial piety, which can blacklist citizens from loans, jobs, air travel.

HANGZHOU, China—Swiping her son’s half-fare student card through the turnstile here one Monday afternoon, Chen Li earned herself a $6 fine and a reprimand from a subway-station inspector for not paying the adult fare.

A notice on a post nearby suggested more-dire consequences. It warned that infractors could be docked points in the city’s “personal credit information system.” A decline in Ms. Chen’s credit score, according to official pronouncements, could affect her daily life, including securing loans, jobs and her son’s school admission.

“I’m sure if it comes up, I can explain,“ Ms. Chen said, saying she picked up the card accidentally. “It was unintentional.”

Hangzhou’s local government is piloting a “social credit” system the Communist Party has said it wants to roll out nationwide by 2020, a digital reboot of the methods of social control the regime uses to avert threats to its legitimacy.

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Update: China Wants To 'Rank' Its Citizens According To Behaviour (October 27, 2016)

WNU Editor: When I first heard that this is what the Chinese government wanted to do last month .... a chill went through my body. This Chinese Communist social credit system is actually a credit system to punish those who do not comply to the rules of the state .... and to reward those who do. Opposition and non-conformity will no longer be allowed ....and you do not even need a secret police force to enforce it .... your control is via through money and the provision of government services. This is the ultimate form of tyranny.


Andrew Jackson said...

Kill all communists,start in U.S.!!

TWN said...

Except for a couple of things looks kind of like the system we have, but given time I'm sure well catch up to China, on this, especially since the Brexit and the Trump Rebellion, the Powers That Be will be looking to put the unwashed multitude back in their place.

Anonymous said...

Coming to a government near you!

B.Poster said...

"...put the unwashed multitude back in their place." Then they can expect even more losses in elections and their loss in power, prestige, and wealth will increase at an ever increasing pace.

After Brexit and the ascension of Donald Trump the appropriate response on their part would have been to step back, engage in a time of reflection and circumspection, try and learn from their missteps, and improve. Instead they want to double down on the very same policies that has caused all of their problems. Doubling down on stupid and failed policies is not going to end well for them.

Young Communist said...

This is a mix of today corrupted partytocracy and media control and the Sybil System I see in the science fiction anime Psycho Pass.

The worst part is that the system is doing well to give jobs, market products and welfare for the people, the people think this is good. And while I'm ok in the organization of the jobs and to have public control on economy, this is too much.

But this is also not so new.
In the fascist and others dictatorial regimes the government are often in search to a system to better survey and control the population using welfare, credit or censorship.

I think in the rural part of the country this cannot work well and many hackers in the internet can make a good resistance.
But they are going to have a lot of work, because this system is what even many Western elites want for our future.