Monday, November 7, 2016

This Is How The U.S. Military Trains To Seize Any Airbase Anywhere In The World

U.S. Army

Business Insider: How the US military trains to take any airbase, anywhere in the world, in just 18 hours

What happens when all hell breaks loose and the US military needs to act within hours?

Enter the 5,000 specialists of Global Response Force, from the Army's 82nd Airborne Brigade, Joint Special Operations Command, and the US Air Force, capable of deploying to any location on earth within 18 hours.

"We need to have demonstrated legitimacy in this capability. It's our muscle. It's us flexing our muscle. Nobody wants to get in the ring with the undefeated heavyweight champion," Staff Sgt. Dillon Heyliger said of the GRF.

In the slides below see how the GRF trains to take enemy airfields with overwhelming force.

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WNU Editor: Good luck taking over an airbase in China and Russia (and maybe airbases in countries like Iran and North Korea). But everyone else is fair-game.

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