Monday, November 14, 2016

What Is President-Elect Trump's Policy On Guantanamo?

Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald: What will President Trump do with Guantánamo?

Will President Donald Trump put pen to paper on Inauguration Day and declare the Guantánamo Bay prison Barack Obama couldn’t close officially open for business? Will he order his Secretary of Defense to start searching the globe for “some bad dudes” to put there?

Today, 20 of the last 60 war-on-terror prisoners are cleared for release, all sent to the remote base in southeast Cuba during the presidency of George W. Bush. The Obama administration is still actively pursuing places to send them with security assurances that satisfy Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.

But a former Bush-era official responsible for detainee policy at the Pentagon, Cully Stimson, predicts the transfers will stop the day Trump takes office, Jan. 20, just two days shy of eight years after Obama ordered his administration to shut down the detention center at Guantánamo Bay.

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WNU Editor: The only thing that we know for sure is that he is not going to close the prison Guantanamo. As to the current prison population .... and future use of the facilities .... what comes next is unknown.

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B.Poster said...

Actually the prison will have to be closed. The Cubans don't want it on their territory and international pressure placed on the United States to close the prison will only grow until it become unbearable.

The question is not will the prison be closed but it is when and how. Furthermore international pressure will require this to be done during the next president's first term.

When the prison is closed, will these prisoners be transferred somewhere where we can reasonably guarantee that they will be unable to harm America, its people, or its interests, such as to a country or locale where we can be assured they will be properly monitored or will this will be a disorderly close where the prison is closed abruptly with no such assurances.

Keeping the prison open is not going to be an option, even if it were the optimal solution. Since it cannot happen, I'd suggest team Trump begin working on how to close the prison in a way that best represents American interests.