Saturday, November 12, 2016

Will Former CIA Chief Jose Rodriguez Be Chosen By Donald Trump To Be CIA Director?

The Intercept: Donald Trump May Select an Architect of Bush’s Torture Program to Run CIA

Donald Trump may select Jose Rodriguez, one of the primary architects of the George W. Bush torture program, to run the Central Intelligence Agency, according to a law firm with close ties to Trump.

Rodriguez, the former director of the National Clandestine Service, helped developed the CIA black sites, secret prisons operated in foreign countries where interrogators used a range of torture tactics, including the use of “waterboarding,” the simulated drowning technique once used by the Khmer Rouge and Nazi agents to glean information from detainees.

At least 136 individuals were detained and tortured by the CIA. Interrogation tactics also included forced nudity, sleep deprivation while being vertically shackled, and confinement in a small box.

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Update: Trump predicted to tap mastermind of Bush torture program as CIA chief (RT)

WNU Editor: He would be a controversial choice .... and he is no pushover when it comes to defending the CIA's torture program .... Hard Measures: Ex-CIA head defends post-9/11 tactics (60 Minutes). But if he is chosen .... there will be a concerted campaign to not confirm him ....starting with Senator John McCain.

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