Wednesday, November 9, 2016

World Leaders React To Donald Trump's Victory

Reuters: Anxious world leaders seek clarity on Trump policies

World leaders offered to work with Donald Trump when he takes over as U.S. president, but expressed anxiety over how he will handle problems from the Middle East to an assertive Russia and whether he will carry out a number of campaign threats.

Several authoritarian and right-wing leaders hailed the billionaire businessman and former TV show host, who won the leadership of the world's most powerful country against the odds in Tuesday's election.

China, a target of Trump's ire during his campaign, appealed for cooperation. Mexico also struck a conciliatory tone, despite Trump's insults to Mexican migrants and pledges to build a wall to separate the two countries. South Korea urged him not to change policy on North Korea's nuclear tests.

Trump, who has no previous political or military experience, said after defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton that he would seek common ground, not conflict, with the United States' allies.

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WNU Editor: I have been on Russian talk radio for the past few hours .... there is a sense of relief in Moscow right now that maybe .... and this is a big maybe .... that a new page in the U.S. - Russian relationship may now occur. More on this later. As to how the other world leaders are reacting .... no surprises there (see above videos).


James said...

Everyone should realize that we shall no longer see James Taylor on the cutting edge of international diplomacy performing "You've Got A Friend" a loss no words can describe.

aaa said...

no longer like Engel after listening to that. what a turd

B.Poster said...

Very respectfully Mr. Engel is sore confused. He does raise an interesting point though. Clearly the military leadership is going to have be purged at many levels. If some of these people would self purge, this would be extremely helpful.

As for the Iranian spokesperson, he may be engaging in wishful thinking. I would anticipate team Trump trying to engage in some type of a deal with Russia. Part of the deal would probably be that America phases out or withdraws entirely its NATO commitment to Poland, Eastern European nations, and the Baltic states. Part of the deal would likely include lifting American sanctions on Russia, doing all we can to get the Western Europeans to do the same, adopting a pro-Russian position on Ukraine, and encouraging the Western European nations to do the same here as well. While I would not expect these people to change policies just because America does, I think it should help our relations with Russia. In return, America gets help from Russia in stopping Iran "death to America" in its insatiable quest to harm America and its people.

If such a deal can be carried out, Iran becomes much easier to deal with. The operative word is "if." If the Russians are unwilling to make any compromises, team Trump may be sorely disappointed. In this case, our military capabilities will need to be built up. While America cannot beat Russia militarily (the Red Sea could part or some comparable miracle could happen) with proper military planning and force structure the inevitable Russian victory could be made pyric enough that they would not consider the attack in the first place.

When Americans voted on 11/8, Russia was the world's most powerful military force. A mere change in POTUS will not alter that. Foreign policy will simply need to be adjusted accordingly.

James said...

aaa and B.
Yes weighty subjects indeed, but I was sure that we would see Mr. Taylor today plaintively singing "Fire and Rain", a horrific prospect. It seems that chalice has mercifully passed us by. In comparison Engels etal, are but childs play.